Asociación Galega de Carpintería de Ribeira

AGALCARI is an association of wooden shipbuilders whose objective is:

“The economic and productive invigoration of shipbuilding in wood and its enterprises, the social recognition of the activity and the protection and preservation of its inestimable value as a living part of maritime, cultural and ethnographic heritage.”

AGALCARI defines itself as an open and inclusive entity of all Galician wood shipbuilding companies, whose purpose is to contribute to the improvement of its competitiveness, optimizing the synergies derived from the exchange of experiences and knowledge, the support mechanisms and the network cooperative work. Only by cooperating can the wooden shipbuilders sector be socially valued as an ecological, sustainable, reliable, patrimonial activity, and at the same time with a high potential for innovation, even in its innumerable applications and products.

What do we want to be?

“To convert the Asociación Galega de Carpintería de Ribeira – AGALCARI into an entity of excellence, a benchmark for its efficient work and objectives achieved in the defence, invigoration and innovation of the sector of wooden boat builders with a brand image recognized to international level.


Until 2006, the riverbank carpentry sector in Galicia didn’t have an association and showed a desolating panorama regarding the potential that could have the union of the sector to stop the decline of this activity in Galicia. It was in 2006, within the framework of a sectorial study elaborated by the Technological Center of the Sea (CETMAR), an organism dependent of the Xunta de Galicia, where it was revealed, based on the conclusions of that study, the imperative necessity to be organized in an association. The conclusions of this study provided a framework for action for the wooden shipbuilders and for the first time they could see analyzed analytically the characteristics, limitations and potential of the sector, as well as a series of guidelines and patterns to follow to consolidate and boost its activity .

In this way, this investigation catalyzed, in 2007, the constitution of the Asociación Galega de Carpintería de Ribeira – AGALCARI. Since its incorporation, AGALCARI has been working permanently to achieve cooperation and coordination of actions among riverbank carpenters in order to have a valid and unique dialogue between institutions and administrations as well as to improve the business and productive fabric of the sector.

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Representation and defense

Promotion of the sector.

The corporate communication is one of the main objectives for the social projection of wooden shipbuilders and therefore to guarantee the success of the much sought-after invigoration, modernization and enhancement of the sector.

In the current context of crisis, it’s essential to develop effective and well-defined communication policies strategically oriented to improve the citizen’s assessment of the sector, its companies and products and generating at the same time a strategic positioning in the business and productive fabric from the country.


In this area, it’s necessary to work in coordination with the administrations to reach as soon as possible a regulated training plan for wooden shipbuilders as it happens in the bordering countries as soon as possible because the training in construction techniques is currently insufficient and creates serious difficulties in defining the competences of the sector.

With regard to the training of its partners, it would be necessary to promote and coordinate seminars and training programs to achieve a level appropriate to the demands of the current market.


To be competitive, one of the irreplaceable objectives is the implementation of a regulation of use and technical regulation of shipbuilding in wood; unrolling a brand of quality of the sector, improve the management processes and the image of the wooden shipbuilders.

Maritime Heritage

The knowledge of the wooden shipbuilders is part of the intangible heritage of this country that we must preserve to transmit it to the new generations. At the moment, we are working on the elaboration of a document, together with the Direction General of Cultural Heritage of the Xunta de Galicia, to declare the construction techniques of Galician traditional vessels as a cultural interest property (BIC, in Spanish).

The importance of the wooden shipbuilding for European maritime heritage is reinforced by its necessary role and knowledge in the conservation, restoration and construction of replicas of historic and traditional vessels. The nuclear role of vessels in the whole of the maritime heritage and its role in the conservation of navigation techniques and crafts of the sea, in their link with most of the maritime heritage properties, make the wooden shipbuilding one of its most important cultural assets.

Internal and external cooperation

In reference to the internal cooperation, it’s essential

  • Promote acting as a revitalizing agent for all its partners’ projects cooperating on the development of sectorial initiatives and projects in different business areas.
  • Act as an instrument to collect interesting information to associated companies.
  • Establish relationship with entities which have similar purposes.

With regard to external cooperation, Agalcari bases its strategy on the establishment of cooperation agreements with:

  • Universities, public and private technological centers that allow to promote research projects, especially eco-construction and eco-navigation.
  • Public administrations to establish relations that allow a close collaboration to develop a normative framework favorable to the shipbuilding.
  • International enterprises of the sector: we think that it’s essential to create a European association of wooden shipbuilders with the aim of having more strategic weight internationally.

Objectives and purposes of the association.

Representation and defence

Represent, defend and promote the economic, social and cultural interest of its members.


Organize a constant training and promotion of its members.

Create community

Encourage the solidarity among its members, promoting and creating common assistance services.

Maritime heritage

Recover, conserve and reveal the Galician maritime heritage.

Economic improvements

Plan as many actions as necessary to achieve social and economic improvements for its members.

Development of the sector

Implement the sector development strategies outlined in the point 8 of the CETMAR sectorial study.

Partner services



Advice on regulations that concern them


Organization of conferences

Organize technical workshops to improve the training of wooden shipbuilding.


Processing of files, subsidies, resources, etc.


European Projects

Participation on some European projects to exchange experiences with our surroundings wooden shipbuilders, study the evolution of the sector in those countries and try to find solutions to the problems that reach the Galician wooden shipbuilders.


Organization of lectures

Organization of lectures and conferences on topics directly related to wooden shipbuilding.



Collaboration with several organisations and public administrations to implement strategies to recover, conserve and disseminate the Galician maritime heritage.

Our efforts

Our efforts are divided according to the scheme below

  • Advice 20%
  • Processing 20%
  • Organization of talks 15%
  • Organization of conferences 5%
  • European projects 5%
  • Collaboration with organisations 10%
  • Other managements 25%


Ramón Collazo Mosquera


Estaleiros Catoira

Jorge Blanco Sánchez


Estaleiros Aguiño

Angel Lojo Tubío


Estaleiros Lojo

José Garrido Fernández

Vice president

Estableiros Garrido

Alberto Lagos Abarzuza,


Estaleiros Lagos

Francisco Fra Rico


Carpintaría Francisco Fra

José Abeijón Mayo


Estaleiros Abeijón Hnos

Gerardo Triñanes Fernández


Estaleiros Triñanes

José Lago Abeijón


Estaleiros Lago Abeijón

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