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The construction of wooden boats in Galicia is a craft activity with a high ecological value, imbued of the most popular detailed knowledge, not only as part of the maritime and cultural heritage, but also we understand that we have to do an effort to recover the full productive and commercial sense for this activity.

To achieve this, it’s necessary to begin the appropriate mechanisms to correct the defects that, alarmingly, are supposing a brake for a sector that, on the other hand, is being shown as a revitalizing element for the exploitation of the economic resources and , consequently, for the creation of wealth.

Working for you


and defence

The main objective of Agalcari is the representation and defence of the cooperative and commercial interests for the sector.



from the sector

We have a strategic plan and SWOT analysis that reflects the sector’s problems and strategies for their solution..


and solidarity

Apply the strategy “sector – factor – vector” as a way to reach an interrelationship with society in general and with the new generations in particular.

Join us and become part of our community

Even if your yard or workshop is not in our community, you can also associate and join our community as a partner.

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Tradition served by innovation

Only people who know the tradition are prepared to shape the future.

Our sector is immersed in the application of the last innovative techniques applied to the wood in general and specially to the shipbuilding.


For years, the use of epoxies, laminated wood, epoxy / wood / polyester combination make our boats an unbeatable product, standing out for its durability, adaptability, safety and stability.

With the technique of laminated wood we can eliminate the traditional caulking, improve the designs without limits of forms, strengthen the resistance of the boat and above all and reduce notably the maintenance to achieve an excellent finish.


Catoira Shipyard is building a new fishing boat.

This partner of Agalcari is finishing the construction of a new fishing boat for artisanal line fisheries. It has 6 meters of length and 2 meters of beam. Named “Ares”, this vessel whose base port will be in Ribeira, has hatcheries to keep alive both bait and fishing....

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Triñanes shipyard builds a fishing boat.

Triñanes Shipyard, partner of Agalcari, is building a new fishing boat for coastal fishing. This fishing boat will be called “Bismark Dos” and it will be 12 meters of length and 4.20 meters of beam. Its base port will be Portosin and its launch is scheduled for...

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The ship.

A wooden boat is a prodigy of the technique composed of thousands of pieces carefully worked and assembled together, almost a living being with excellent conditions of navigability.

Production of endogenous employment

One of the most noteworthy features of our sector is the ability to generate endogenous employment by improving local forestry.

Personal fulfilment

The know-how of the shore carpenter is part of the intangible heritage of the country, which should be preserved projecting it in the future with full productive and commercial sense.

Commitment to sustainability

Wood, as the main element of our activity, is an ecological material. We can say without fear of being mistaken that it’s not only part of nature but that its use is beneficial to it.

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Indirect employments

Wooden boats

The tradition at the service of the technology.

Wooden boats
The tradition at the service of the technology.
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Telephone/Fax: 981-84 29 83
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