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Astilleros Lagos Boatyard was founded in 1915 by Fernando Lagos Carsi who returned to Vigo after having studied Naval Architecture at the Royal Technical College in Galsgow, Scotland, and worked in the Technical Office of the famous Shipyard John Brown.

Our initial vocation was the design and construction of wooden sport boats.

In Astilleros Lagos we design your boat for sailing o motor, to the measure of your needs, and iptimized for the use to which it’s going to destine, reason why, if you search a different boat, we can offer, previous study of your necessities, the boat ideal, in any material. The construction of wooden boats was evolving from the traditional construction with steps until you reach the today with forms of construction which use modern techniques such as cold rolling. We always have had two objectives for vessels we built: solidity and attention to detail.

Our carpenters have mastered the techniques of construction in laminated wood for many years and know how to combine these techniques perfectly with the beauty of the traditional construction with noble woods.

Our main areas of activity are the restoration of classic wooden boats and the repairs and reforms of recreational boats, in wood as in fibre, steel or aluminium. These repairs and reforms include the construction of new teak decks, repairs and modifications of hull, interior renovations, electrical systems reforms, new diesel engine installations and, in general, new installations / improvements / refurbishment of all equipment and services of the boat: propulsion, electronics, cold, heating, cooling, etc.

In addition to restorations and renovations, we are also dedicated to the maintenance of boats.

Because of the reputation that we build with our know how, customers from all over the world turn to us every year to take care of their boats and to carry out the necessary repairs and reforms, having the confidence in their voyages throughout the world that the work was done by real professionals.

The furniture and interiors that we make in Astilleros Lagos are characterized by the perfection of their finishes and the manufacture completely handmade. In addition to the interior reconstruction work, we also make furniture replicas, interior renovations and large scale models for different scenarios.

Cold rolled products


  • 5 workers
  • More than 700 boats built
  • Approximately 3000 m2 of area total.
  • 30% covered area
  • 2 dry docks
  • 1 dry dock with electric winch 400V, 18 kW
  • 1 dry dock with electric winch 400V, 6,20 kW
  • Up to 60 tonnes of standing capacity
  • Number of boats: 6 per dry dock, with an average length of 12.80 m
  • Means of lifting: Service truck crane up to 50 tonnes

Astilleros Lagos

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